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Also see our Release management policy for details of how released are labelled.

Migrating between 1.3 and 1.4

Version 1.4  has some kasp database changes compared to 1.3 to allow for an update to the zonelist.xml schema (these changes support flexibility in the input and output adapters).

Also see the MIGRATION file in the source code. 

This means that in order to use version 1.4 of OpenDNSSEC with a database created with an earlier minor version of OpenDNSSEC (1.3 or earlier) there are two options:

  1. If you do NOT need to retain the key information for the system:
    Wipe and recreate your kasp database (by running ods-ksmutil setup) which will lose all of the current state for the system including all existing key information.
  2. If you DO need to retain the key information for the system:
    • Assuming that you are currently using v1.3; run the sql statements against your existing database (depending on which databse is used) given in:
      • enforcer/utils/migrate_adapters_1.mysql or
      • enforcer/utils/migrate_adapters_1.sqlite3
    • If you are using v1.1 and wish to maintain your existing keys then you will first need to run one of:
      • enforcer/utils/ or
      • enforcer/utils/

depending on your database, before running the above.

Although these scripts have been tested it is recommended to make a backup of your database prior to running them.

Migrating between patch versions (1.4.n to 1.4.m)

Patch versions normally do not require changes to the database schema and nothing needs to be done to the database in order to upgrade. However, in exceptional cases this may be required, but this will be clearly stated in the NEWS file and in the release announcement. 



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