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Reporting OpenDNSSEC bugs is done via our Issue Tracker (JIRA) by creating a new issue (upper right corner) in the Support project and selecting the issue type Bug. For SoftHSM we track bugs on GitHub

Or bookmark this link to create new bugs in Jira:


Bugs for SoftHSM are not reported here, but on GitHub.

You will have to create an account in order to create issues.

Be sure to supply as much information as possible to help us find the problem faster, we recommend you supply the following information:

  • The operating system and distribution that you are using and what version it has.
  • OpenDNSSEC version and if its a package or self compiled.
  • SoftHSM version if its used and if its a package or self compiled.
  • Output from /var/log/syslog at the time of the problem, please attach it as a file if its large.
  • Configurations used at the time if your not prohibited by company policy or something else, please attach it as a file.
  • Zone file used at the time, both unsigned and signed if you wish, if your not prohibited. Please attach it as a file.
  • Stack traces from core dumps or valgrind output (see How to get information from a segmentation fault).
  • strace/dtrace output logs if you made any, please attach as a file.
  • And the most important thing; Actions/steps you did to trigger and/or replicate the problem!
    This is so we can replicate the problem on our end and find a solution faster.

If you are unsure about creating an issue, feel free to post a message to our OpenDNSSEC user mailing list. You can subscribe to it at

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  1. Are there supposed to be images in these pages? I have tried registering, and using different browsers, but nothing displays the graphics... is it me?