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Date: Thursday 23rd Aug 2012
Time: 15:00-14:00 CEST, 14:00-15:00 BST
Who is there: Sara, Jakob, Jerry, Yuri, Matthijs


  1. Who will write minutes?


  2. Agree on the agenda


    Action points 

    JerryDocument software choices on the Wiki, for various system sizes. (OPENDNSSEC-288)
    No progress here.
    Sara & SionTest database migration script developed by Jerry (Sion - code review, Sara to test)
    Still working on this.
    Sion & JerryInvestigate adding a check for thread safety for the SQLite install
    Still working on this.
    SaraCreate JIRA issues agreed in IETF meeting
  3. OpenDNSSEC  

    • OpenDNSSEC 1.3.11  
    • OpenDNSSEC 1.4.0  

      • Actions



        SionMulti-threaded enforcer: OPENDNSSEC-294 Sion to write test cases to create jenkins tests.
        Sion created a list with Jenkins tests for 1.4.  These have not been tested in the 1.4 context yet.  We desire to have this in 1.4 but it may need an alpha4 to go into.
        Sara: "Sion is now happy with the code to be released. Specified some regression tests, not yet implemented".
        Jerry: "More work needed in the logging, multi threading makes logging more confusing".

        ACTION POINT: Jerry: Look more at this issue, see if there are more problems and mails them to the developers list.
        IN PROGRESS 
        Jerry & MatthijsWork on DNS Adapter tests. (OPENDNSSEC-172)
        Matthijs expects to be able to work on this early August (after IETF).
        This will be worked on this week.
        Matthijs has been working on this and included in trunk new functionality and two DNS adapter tests.
        They are still turned off because it depends on ldns-testns and optionally other tools. Were do we want to install this.
        Jerry: "If it is in the ldns tarball, we can do it in the script." Matthijs asks for drill too, besides the ldns examples.

        Jerry argues that we cannot do all the DNS adapter test requirements in Jenkins, some are too complex.
        Matthijs says we won't install real name servers and use simulation tools like ldns-testns and drill.
        Regression testing against BIND and NSD and such should indeed be done manually.

        Sara asks for an estimate of how long it would take to complete all tests.
        Matthijs doesn't know, because that depends on the available dependencies and the
        depth of testing, whether it will be comparing or just log grepping.

        ACTION POINT: Jerry: Install dependencies in Jenkins for the DNS Adapter tests.
        ACTION POINT: Jerry & Matthijs: Discussion
        on dependencies and comments.


        Investigate external tools to serve as alternatives for the auditor in system tests (OPENDNSSEC-143)

        This is about our system tests, not to put in the source code. We want to have more confidence on the code, before doing the 1.4 release.
        Especially, testing the new code in the signer to support DNS adapters. The upcoming Jenkins DNS Adapter tests already provide some,
        but overall, we want to test the contents of the signed zone, not only its existence. This can be done with ods-auditor or another external checking tool.

        Maintaining the auditor is too much effort. Auditor gave the user more problems than it solves.
        This does not have to be a problem for the OpenDNSSEC development team.

        Jerry: "It takes time to install it on Jenkins. Installing Ruby takes about 1.5 week, 3 weeks for the ods-auditor. Jerry cannot spend full time 3 weeks on this.
        It is unknown how much time it takes to install an external tool." Sara proposes that Jerry spends a day or half a day to investigate how long it takes to install
        one of the available external checking tools.

        The whole point is that we do not do less testing than we did for the 1.3 release.
        So to gain more confidence, we can currently do manual testing with the ods-auditor on the trunk code.
        That is what Rickard did for the previous releases. Sara should figure out what Rickard had been testing back then.
        Will Rickard be able to do the manual testing on 1.4? No, he has not the time for it nowadays.

        ACTION POINT: Sara: Open issue for Jerry to run the ods-auditor manually on the trunk / 1.4
        ACTION POINT: Sara: Talk to Rickard on the manual testing efforts done on previous versions.
        ACTION POINT: Sara: Open mail thread on 1.4 testing.

        SaraChase testing of all 1.4 JIRA issues
        Sara is working on this and continues this effort and tries to close this action point by the end of this week.
        SaraPropose how to split the regression tests up between the team so everyone writes some regression tests for 1.4. (OPENDNSSEC-236)
        Sara send a mail yesterday on this topic. Please provide comments.
      • Updates?
        Open issues for 1.4.0   (6 issues) Are we ready for an alpha 4 release (can it include PIN Storage/ M-T Enforcer)?
        Rickard is working on these two issues. Sara proposes to do an alpha 3 release once these are done. No objections.
      • Need testing for 1.4.0   (15 issues)
        These issues need to be closed before we can do a beta. Should be a matter of weeks. See the discussion at the action points
      • Regression & System testing coverage
        No further comments
      • Planned Release date:
    • OpenDNSSEC 2.0.0b1 

      • Actions
        Due to the time, we leave this as a place holder for next meeting.


        YuriUse existing test script as the basis of new jenkins regression tests for Enforcer-NG specific functionality.OPEN 
        Sara Re-vamp regression test wiki pages to split out enforcer and enforcer-NG tests.
        YuriEstimate the development time remaining on 2.0 vs. his availability to indicate when a beta is possible.OPEN 
        YuriCreate JIRA issues for feature proposal for importing a previously managed zone.OPEN 
      • Updates?
      • Open issues for 2.0.0b1  (17 issues)
      • Regression & System testing coverage
      • Planned Release date:
    • Testing
    • General updates

  4. SoftHSM 
    • Updates?
    • Releases:
      • SoftHSM 1.3.4 
      • SoftHSM 2.0.0 

  5. Next meeting
    4 September 2012 14:00 CET 13:00 CET-01
  6. AOB
    Jakob: There will be an AOB at RIPE65. If you want something to discuss there, please contact Jakob. All team members are welcome, the meeting is on 25th, Tuesday

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