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Date: Tuesday 27th Nov 2012

Due to illness the meeting was moved to Monday 3rd December 2012

Time: 14:00-15:00 CET, 13:00-14:00 GMT

Online meeting: Google+ Hangout:


  1. Who will write minutes?
  2. Agree on the agenda
  3. Project action points 

    SaraPlan resourcing on 2.0 and how we tackle the regression testing backlog.IN PROGRESS...
    Sara/JerryWork on initial draft for benchmarking setups based on feedback from developer workshop and board.OPEN...
    SaraTake a pass through JIRA to tidy up duplicates/unassigned issues. Send changes for review if required. Split the future release into a backlog and an icebox. Make sure all features have subtasks to track developer testing and documentation.OPEN...
    JerryLook at opening up the OpenDNSSEC project up to all users if we can restrict the privileges for 'external' users correctly. Then we could stop using the SUPPORT project. Need a test environment to work on this.OPEN...
    SaraFollow up with SURFNet on hosting of Sun servers. Roland is investigatingIN PROGRESS...
  4. OpenDNSSEC 

    • Unassigned issues
    • Support issues
    • OpenDNSSEC 1.3.12 
    • OpenDNSSEC 1.4.0 

      • Actions

        MatthijsWork on DNS Adapter tests. (OPENDNSSEC-172). Work on IXFR stress tests using Sion's scripts.IN PROGRESS1.4.0rc1
        SionCheck sightings of duplicate RR sigs - test fix from Matthijs.IN PROGRESS 
        MatthijsOPENDNSSEC-346: BIND interop testOPEN


        NickInvestigate validns and how we could use it (OPENDNSSEC-143)OPEN 
      • Updates?
      • All issues for 1.4.0
      • Planned Release date: 
        • 1.4.0rc1   ?
        • 1.4.0        ?

    • OpenDNSSEC 2.0.0b1 

      • Actions

        Yuri Use existing test script as the basis of new jenkins regression tests for Enforcer-NG specific functionality.OPEN 
        Yuri Review Ricks email of 1.4 vs 2.0 differencesOPEN 
      • Updates?
      • Open issues for 2.0.0b1   
      • Regression & System testing coverage
      • Planned Release date:
    • Testing
      • Actions

        SaraWrite a page to capture the workflow of how to use Jenkins.

        How To Add Tests to Jenkins (check list for adding new tests) Testing - details build schedule (e.g. smoke/daily/weekly).
        IN PROGRESS...


    • General updates

      • Release process: should we start doing release candidate for all releases from now?
      • What versions of ldns should we test against in jenkins (OPENDNSSEC-351)
      • Can we be more open to user input (such as Casper Gielen's lessons from recovery)
      • Call with CIRA held last week.


        SaraCompose an email to propose this (and ask feedback) from developers and architecture board; possibly raise it on the user's list as well. Also consider the versioning convention currently used.IN PROGRESS...


  5. SoftHSM 


    • Updates?
    • Releases:
      • SoftHSM 1.3.5 
      • SoftHSM 2.0.0 

  6. Next meeting 
    Propose Tuesday 18th December, 14:00 CET
  7. AOB
    • Please fill in Christmas leave on the availability page

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