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It is expected that this project delivers some important deliverables during its life time:

  • The software package
    Called by the working name: DNSSEC Signer. Specified accordingly to its requirements.
  • A software implementation of a HSM
    Called by the working name: SoftHSM. Specified accordingly to its requirements.
  • A project web page
    Contains all the information about the project and has a source code repository.
  • Comparison of HSM:s
    A study which compares a number of available HSMs. The reason is to give a good view of what choices a future user might have and what the user should expect concerning speed, price, configuration, etc.
  • Market study
    The first aim with the market study is to find out what requirements different user groups might have and if they are interested in a solution like DNSSEC Signer. The second aim is to formulate different use cases, which the DNSSEC Signer can be tested in to see if it fits the given requirements. The third aim is to find out how we should market our project.
  • User guide
    A complete and understandable user guide on how to get the DNSSEC Signer up and running with different use cases.
  • Tests
    Unit testing of each component, system tests and random tests. The tests check for requirements fulfilment, bugs, and security holes.
  • Project evaluation
    Did we manage to do fulfil the requirements? Was the project a success? Did we complete the tasks to the deadlines? Could we have done something different? What is the next step? What is the future of the project? Maintaining the code?
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