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Date: 21st Sept 2012
Time: Start 09:30 CEST
Location: NLNet Labs, NL


  • General administration (lunch, dinner, etc).
  • Discuss agenda.

Updates (30 mins)

  • OpenDNSSEC Company Update (Patrik)
  • ACTIONS from last OAB meeting affecting dev team
    • (Jakob) - Communicate 1.4 is a major change (blog/website)
    • (Sion) - Establish 'bad' and 'acceptable' value for memory usage (ldns issue)
  • ACTIONS from the last developer workshop:
    • Improve requirement handling 
    • Memory issues (ldns)

Strategy & Roadmap (1 Hr)

  • Review current roadmap 
  • Goals, obstacles, competitors - what do we need to focus on?
    • Regression testing/Knowledge sharing/Documentation
    • Future directions: Functionality, usability, performance

Testing (1 Hr)

  • Regression testing in Jenkins
  • Performance & endurance testing to simulate production environments
  • User testing (alphas, betas)
    • More formal e.g. separate mailing list?


2.0 (Enforcer-NG) (1 Hr)

  • Review development progress to date and estimate for remaining work
  • High-level design review (Yuri will present some slides)
  • Discuss rollout plan (testing, communication, branch for 2.1?)
  • Do we need separate Enforcer NG and team calls anymore?

Support for HA set ups (1 Hr)

  • Based on the various user requests and discussions (support for backup servers, parallel systems etc) the aim is to produce recommendations to OAB board about what we think should be supported in future. (If anyone wants to present something specific here - please let me know).

Review of all JIRA issues  (1 Hr +)

  • Review release assignments
  • Proposals for new stories

Roundup (30 mins)

  • Review actions
  • Agree any items to request be added to OAB agenda.
  • Plan follow up meetings
    • May need more time to review JIRA issues....
    • SoftHSM
    • Project processes 
      • How we use JIRA (SUPPORT project, issue status, etc)
      • Should we be more agile?
      • Release process and versioning
    • Jerry's Api/Lim work


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