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Configuration mentions here are changes, addition or removal of default JIRA configuration.

Issue Types

Support Issue Type Scheme

Use in the Support project, contains the following issue types:

  • Support (custom) - For general/generic support issues
  • Bug (JIRA standard) - For bugs
  • New Feature (JIRA standard) - For new features


jira edit closed

A modified copy of the default JIRA workflow to enable editing closed issues, this was used for importing issues from TRAC.

PT workflow / subtask workflow

These workflows where created by the Importer Plugin when we imported Pivotal Issues.



Default Screen

Following fields and order is used:

  • Summary
  • Issue Type
  • Security Level
  • Priority
  • Due Date
  • Component/s
  • Affects Version/s
  • Fix Version/s
  • Assignee
  • Reporter
  • Environment
  • Description
  • Time Tracking
  • Attachment
  • Labels

Support Create Screen

Used for the creating of Support project issues, following fields and order is used:

  • Summary
  • Issue Type
  • Component/s
  • Affects Version/s
  • Reporter
  • Environment
  • Description
  • Attachment

Screen Schemes

Support Screen Scheme

Beside the default configurations this screen scheme uses the Support Create Screen on the issue operation Create Issue.

Issue Type Screen Schemes

Default Issue Type Screen Scheme

Using the Default Screen Scheme for all Default / unmapped issue types.

Support Issue Type Screen Scheme

Using the Support Screen Scheme for all Default / unmapped issues types.


Custom Fields

There are no custom fields added as of yet. All existing custom fields comes from the importer plugin or Green Hopper.

Fields Configurations

Support Field Configuration

This field configuration exist in order to hide the fields not necessary for support issues. The configuration below describes the difference between this field configuration and the default one.

  • Affected Version/s: Required
  • Business Value: Hidden
  • Epic/There: Hidden
  • External issue ID: Hidden
  • External issue URL: Hidden
  • Flagged: Hidden
  • Global Rank: Hidden
  • Rank: Hidden
  • Relasea Version History: Hidden
  • Security Level: Hidden
  • Story Points: Hidden
  • Time Tracking: Hidden

Field Configuration Schemes

Support Field Configuration Scheme

Using the Support Field Configuration for all Default / unmapped issue types.

Issue Attributes


The default priority has been changed to Minor.

Notification Scheme

For the Default Notification Scheme the project role Notify has been added to all notifications.

Permission Scheme

For the Default Permission Scheme the added permission is Group (Anyone) for the Browse Project permission.

This is to make all projects visible for all users (development projects changes the default behavior, see Projects - People (Roles)

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