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This chapter describes the overall management of the project.


The project manager will during the course of this project inform all project members of the current status via a newsletter. This newsletter will be published every second week via the  mailing list and on the wiki web page. The content is based on debriefings between the project manager and the individual project members.


The project members get together on a regular basis. Each meeting is normally chaired by the project manager, but otherwise by a volunteering member. The meeting minutes are written by a volunteering member present at the meeting. The minutes are published via the  mailing list and the wiki web page. All the decisions are consensus decisions made by the group and not the project manager.

By Jabber 

A meeting can be performed via an instant messaging service, preferably  Jabber. Which conference channel to be used during a meeting is announced via the  mailing list.

By telephone 

The project aims at having a conference call every third week. How to connect to the conference call is announce via the  mailing list.

In real life 

A meeting in real life between the project members can not be performed so often, due to limited resources. An aim is to have these types of meetings in connection to other events where we all are participating, like conferences such as  IETF and  RIPE.


This project has no budget, thus relying on that the participants of the project has its own budget for the desired commitment.

External information 

The main source of information is available via our wiki page. This is where external parties can get further information about the project and access the source code.

More information is available in the marketing plan?.

Project acceptance 

When the deliverables have been done and accepted to their requirements, the project is considered to be finished and accepted by the participants.

Final report 

Before the project is considered to be finished according to the given limitations and requirements, a final report must be written which summarizes the project. The report must answer questions similar to:

  • Did we manage to do fulfil the requirements?
  • Was the project a success?
  • Did we complete the tasks to the deadlines?
  • Could we have done something different?
  • What is the next step?
  • What is the future of the project?
  • Maintaining the code?


The project documents are presented via the  mailing list or the wiki page, where they can be approved by the project members.

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