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This describes the process within the Support project and its relationship to the development projects (OpenDNSSEC, SoftHSM).


Users can create support issues of the types Support, Bug and Feature in the support project. Users may also use the various mailing lists that exists to report an issue and if there is enough cause to create an issue it should be create by the project members / support engineers or by the user themselves so we can track all issues in the same system.


This is the default issue type that can be used for general questions the user might have about the product.


This issue type should be used when reporting a bug, problem, error or fault in the product. Users should try to gather as much information as they can about the problem and if possible describe the steps one could take to replicate the problem.


This is a feature request issue type that can be used if users wants additional features they feel is missing.


Issues are verified by project members / support engineers before being accepted. If more information is requested from the user by the assignee and the user has not given any feedback within (time to be decided) the issue will be closed.

If the issue requires development the assignee creates a new issue in the corresponding development project and link the issues together.


Most of the time this issue type won't require verification. Project members / support engineers will try and answer the question and/or help with the issue as soon as possible.


Project members / support engineers will try and verify the bugs by trying to replicating them if it is possible unless there is enough information sent in by the user (logs, traces, core dumps etc) that can pin point the problem. When the problem is found the assignee creates a linked issue in the corresponding development project.


Feature issues should be verified in that they are not duplicated, does not already exists and is reasonable/valid. The assignee then creates a linked issue in the corresponding development project where the new feature will be handled according to the Development Process.


The assignee should watch the development issue related to the support issue and when a solution/fix has been made the assignee should try and verify it if possible before sending it to the user.

For more information about development please see the Development Process.


Issues will be resolved by the assignee when they have been solved either by answering a question or when the bug has been fixed and a new release is out. It is then up to the user to verify it on their end and if the solution is accepted the user should close the issue.

If the issue has been resolved and the user has not reopened or closed the issue within (time to be decided) it will be automatically closed.

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