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Test casesMerge existing tests where possible  
Test casesSet up weekly clean builds DONE
Test casesCome up with a plan for how to track what the tests do (spreadsheet/wiki)Bash script developed. Needs some updating though e.g. add a tag for DB/platforms which are disabled. 
Test caseNeed a script/tool that can do some consistency checking of the signed zones  
EnvironmentAdjust logging settings on FreeBSD so that kernal logs don't show up in syslog resulting in double logging (which messes up the counting of logs as part of a test.....)  
FrameworkWe have failures due to the 'ghost' bug in libc on FreeBSD that is not understood. Maybe increase the reporting of re-tries by adding to junit or having a summary line at the end of the console output?  
FrameworkImplement a 'make check' options. Can we make set up and running of the tests a one step process and then possibly have a "make check" that runs the jenkins tests.  
FrameworkTest with RETRY=0. Would like to use this in the sandbox but seemed to leave some files around that made the next test fail.  
Test caseWould be nice to have a 'silent' option for tests so they can be run without triggering an email when under development (we have sandboxes, but they are awkward to use...)  
FrameworkUse one copy of the unsigned zone default (don't have a duplicate zone in each test)  
FrameworkMove the xml files into their own directory  
FrameworkCreate functions to handle generic tasks like setting up the environment and starting and stopping the system to increase usability and reduce code duplication  
FrameworkCould we script switching between databases rather than having 2 conf.xml files?  
FrameworkPerhaps a bit more logging when things go wrong? ("String not found" log message and cat the offending log file)  
FrameworkAdd a find_diff option to the lib to use gdiff on solaris  
JenkinsIs there any way at all to set the tests up so that jenkins displays a matrix of each test case against platform??  
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