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  • Developer workshop Sept 2012 - Notes

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  • Review development progress to date and estimate for remaining work
    • Features: 1 month
    • Smaller: several weeks
    • Regression testing: 1 month
    • Performance:  don't know till we have data
    • Review output? 
    • Yuri - 2 days per week from now on.
    • (Migration)
    • Review JIRA issues and priorities into 2 or 3 phases. 
  • High-level design review (Yuri will present some slides)
  • Discuss rollout plan (testing, communication, branch for 2.1?)
  • Do we need separate Enforcer NG and team calls anymore?
    • No

Support for HA set ups (1 Hr)

  • Based on the various user requests and discussions (support for backup servers, parallel systems etc) the aim is to produce recommendations to OAB board about what we think should be supported in future. (If anyone wants to present something specific here - please let me know).
    • No specific developments required - just better documentation (use Nominet setup as basis?). 
    • What do SURFNet do? 

Review of all JIRA issues  (1 Hr +)