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The development (unstable) version of OpenDNSSEC is available from the Subversion GitHub repository and can be obtained using the following command:

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svngit coclone http OpenDNSSEC

Building & Installing

  1. If you downloaded the tarball then first untar it:

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    tar -xzf opendnssec-<VERSION>.tar.gz
    cd OpenDNSSEC

    or if you are working from the repository:

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    cd OpenDNSSEC
  2. Then it is time to configure the build scripts:

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    You may also need some other options to configure.

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      --disable-auditor       Disable auditor build (default enabled)
      --enable-eppclient      Enable eppclient build (default disabled) (experimental)
      --enable-timeshift      For debugging purposes
      --with-database-backend Select database backend (sqlite3|mysql) (default sqlite)

    Use the following command to find out which other options that are available:

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     ./configure --help

    The configure script defaults to --prefix=/usr/local, --sysconfdir=/etc, and --localstatedir=/var

  3. Once configured, build OpenDNSSEC using:

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    ... and install using ...

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     sudo make install

    If the build fails it might be because of a missing software dependency. Please read the error messages carefully.