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  • Developer workshop Sept 2012 - Notes

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  • Review actions
  • Agree any items to request be added to OAB agenda.
  • Plan follow up meetings
    • May need more time to review JIRA issues....
    • SoftHSM
    • Project processes 
      • How we use JIRA (SUPPORT project, issue status, etc)
        • Use subtasks to track testing and documentation on large features better. 
        • Alternate team meetings between different days. Next team meeting 1st October. 
        • Lets try Google + Hangout for 2 more meetings.
        • What about TeamViewer. 
      • Should we be more agile?
      • Release process and versioning
    • Jerry's Api/Lim work
      • All but Yuri will be at the board meeting for the presentation. So Jerry can share the slides and we will all discuss on Wed morning at 10.30am