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  1. Who will write minutes?

  2. Agree on the agenda. Agreed.

  3. Project actions


    Benchmarking system for a random TLD

    Sara DickinsonIn Progress In Progress

    Review versioning system used and document support timeline for older versions

    Sara DickinsonIn Progress In Progress

    Regression testing/requirements

    Sara DickinsonIn Progress In Progress

    Review all the issues in JIRA

    Sara DickinsonIn Progress In Progress

    Find a sparc box

    T2000 is now installed in SurfNET's data centre and needs to be added to jenkins.

    Sara DickinsonIn Progress In Progress

    Set up Coverity on the OpenDNSSEC servers

    Sion has run coverity with the options suggested by Jerry. This resulted in hundreds of false positives & style guides. Sion has waded through these to identify the real issues and fixed those in the enforcer. He passed the signer ones onto Matthijs who has fixed them. They are both happy that this is the best effort they can do on 1.4 at the moment.

    It was pointed out that we really need to have Coverity set up so everyone has access to the reports, but this will have to wait for Jerry to have the time to do it.

    Jerry LundströmIn Progress In Progress
  4. OpenDNSSEC  

    • OPENDNSSEC Unassigned issues 
    • SUPPORT Open issues 
      • All unresolved Support issues 
        • SUPPORT-53: (Enforcer notification) We agreed that this should be done in 1.4.1 and probably 1.3 as well since Sion says it is straightforward. We should also ensure that the problem is handled in enforcer-ng. 
          ACTION: Sara to create OPENDNSSEC issues for the appropriate releases.  DONE: OPENDNSSEC-390, 391
        • SUPPORT-52: (Segfault in SoftHSM). This is fixed in SoftHSM 1.3.2 and the reported has been notified. Sion points out that we should try to encourage maintainers to update to SoftHSM 1.3.2 to avoid this issue. Sara will chase the reporter again and look at the original announcement.
          UPDATE: Orignal announcement was quite vague: so ACTION: Sara will draft an email to send to the maintainers to encourage maintainers to update to SoftHSM 1.3.2
        • SUPPORT-51: Matthijs closes this as it is now released
        • SUPPORT-28: (NetBSD compilation errors) Matthijs offers to take this issue and chase it up.

    • OpenDNSSEC 1.3.14 
      • Nominate any issues for 1.3.14?
      • All issues for 1.3.14  (also check the NEWS file)
        • OPENDNSSEC-362 (nsecify failure) We discuss the solution to this and agree that we should document the problem rather than expend effort changing how 1.3 behaves.
          ACTION: Matthijs to add this to the KNOWN_ISSUES and also email maintainers to clarify which version combinations of ldsn/OpenDNSSEC are recommended to avoid this issue. 
        • OPENDNSSEC-354 & 286: (Signer stuck issues). Rick agreed last week that these should not block any release. We agree to re-assign then to the 'Future release' version so that Matthijs still has them on his radar, but they do not roll over each release. DONE.
        • OPENDNSSEC-367: In trunk and ready to be committed to 1.3.
      • Should we release?
        • No. 

    • OpenDNSSEC 1.4.0 

      • Actions 

        NickInvestigate validns and how we could use it (OPENDNSSEC-143). Nick reports he has started work on a jenkins test using validns but it needs more work. Sara points out we will need to install validns on a test machine (probably RedHat) when he is ready to commit the test.IN PROGRESS 

      • Updates?
        • FreeBSD testing problems - intermittent segfault seen
          • We discuss the recent problems and how much time was wasted chasing the 'ghost' bug on FreeBSD 64 (which is documented as a KNOWN_ISSUE). We ponder turning the tests off but since in the last user survey 5 out of 37 respondents used FreeBSD we decide we shouldn't do this. However now that we are aware of the issue it should be easier to work around. Sion suggests increasing the number of test re-tries on FreeBSD to avoid false failures and Sara says she would like an easy way to see how many times a test re-tries. Sara adds these to the list of TODOs for jenkins: Jenkins testing To do & wish Testing TODO list
      • All issues for 1.4.0 (also check the NEWS file)
        • OPENDNSSEC-387: (M-T enforcer rollback) Sion has one more regression test he would like to see added for Manual key rollovers. We would also like to see the auditor testing re-done but Jerry has no time for this for at least 3 weeks. Leave this issue open while this testing happens. 
        • OPENDNSSEC-365: (Phantom KSK rollover) Double fixed. This was caused by the multi-threaded enforcer code, which is now gone so this can be closed.
        • OPENDNSSEC-389: (Adaptor DNSKEY RRsets updating). This is fixed and can be closed. 
      • Planned Release date: 
        • 1.4.0b3    We agree to release the b3 today or tomorrow. 
        • 1.4.0rc3   
        • 1.4.0        ?

    • OpenDNSSEC 2.0.0b1 

      • Actions

        YuriTalk to Sion to discus possible solutions for implementing <BackupRequired>. Yuri has the solution, this is just a question of implementation now.OPEN 
        Yuri Updated: Port new enforcer jenkins tests to 2.0. There are now several new enforcer tests in trunk that need to be ported to 2.0OPEN 
      • Updates?
        • What database (and what version) should we support for 2.0
          • We talk about the suggestion to support MariaDB but agree that any decision about DB support is better taken at a developer physical and/or board meeting. Also, we are not sure how easily 2.0 lends itself to supporting multiple DBs - Sara will email Rene to get more details. 
        • No other updates
      • Open issues for 2.0.0b1   
      • Regression & System testing coverage
      • Planned Release date: 
    • Testing
      • Sion points out that he thinks we should be reviewing each others regression tests. Sara agrees as it is too easy to think your test is working when an easy mistake means is passes when it should fail. She suggests anyone who writes a new test should email the developers list to request a review. While it is time consuming it is the right thing to do since we are relying quite heavily on the regression tests now. UPDATE: Suggestion for review added to How To Add Tests to Jenkins
    • General updates
      • None.
  5. SoftHSM 


    • Updates?
    • Releases: 
      • SoftHSM 1.3.5 
      • SoftHSM 2.0.0  
  6. Next meeting 
    Thursday 7th March, 14:00 CET  Agreed.
  7. AOB