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List information about keys in zone.


Code Block
Pre 1.4.4:
--zone <zone> | --all             aka -z / -a
(will appear soon

1.4.4 and later:
[--keystate <state>verbose]              aka -e
[--keytype <type>]                aka -tv
[--dszone <zone>]                          aka -z
 aka -d[--keystate <state>| --all]              )
aka -e / -a
[--keytype <type>]                       aka -t

By default:

  • keys for all zones are listed when using  'ods-ksmutil key list' 
  • the 'ods-ksmutil key list' command does not list keys in the GENERATE or DEAD state. 

In 1.4.4 the command was extended to support filters on key state and key type.

  • The --all option now results in a listing of keys in all key states, including GENERATE and DEAD

Command: key export

Code Block
ods-ksmutil key export