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Present:  Jerry, Sion, Rick, MattMatthijs, Warren, Yuri



  1. Agree on Agenda  OK.
  2. OpenDNSSEC - Support and Maintenance

    Support issues No new issues need reviewing -
    New, Unassigned issues No new issues need reviewing -
    1.4.6rc1NEWS fileSeveral additional fixes have gone into 1.4.6 so we consider when we should release. Matthijs is waiting for some feedback from the reporter of 630 on some other testing they are doing and would like to wait for that before a release. He also feels it would be nice to try to tackle issues 627, 628 and 629 before a release. We discuss that we previously wanted to make a release for issue 617 and that it would be better to release sooner than later. We agree that Matthijs will send an email in a week to report progress.Review in 1 week.
    1.3.18rc1NEWS fileNo activity.No release.


  3. OpenDNSSEC - 2.0
    1. 2.0.0a4 release  - Agile board for 2.0   
      1. Plan to rebasing 1.4 fixes to 2.0 before release
    2. Re-design of DB layer
      1. Jerry reports that Yuri has been away most of the time since the last meeting and he has been working on converting more code. Most of the code apart from the engine is converted and this is turning out to be harder than they thought because not only are they having to migrate to the new database layer, they are also coverting everything from C++ to C. 
      2. Yuri is now working on creating some regression tests for the engine so that they can be sure the rollovers work in the same way after the refactor
      3. The originally planned man month of work is now complete and Jerry reports that he thinks it is the right solution and they should keep working on it
      4. We discuss if a 2.0.0a4 release by the end of the month is feasible and Jerry gives a 'maybe'
      5. Jerry and Yuri plan to manually test the code before the 2.0.0a4 release and look at the regression tests after that. 
      6. There is no high level description of the re-factor activities available on the wiki but Yuri plans to write what they have been doing, particularly his understanding of the new database layer
    3. Testing - enabled regression tests for 2.0 vs 1.4

      Test setenforcersignergeneralTotal
    4. General updates 
      1. Postgres support. Sara wants to leave this item on the agenda as a reminder that there are interested parties who would like to start work on Postgres support in 2.0 once the code has reached beta.
  4. OpenDNSSEC - General
    1. Project 
      1. libhsm: Code audit to be performed by Rick. 
        1. Rick reports that he is continuing with the audit but spending most of his time fixing many small bugs before he can move on to get a good high level overview of the code. So this is still a work in progress.
        2. Jerry's 2.0 libhsm rename outcome? Jerry decided to go ahead with the rename in 2.0 and agreed to do the work required to port any patches Rick produces to 2.0
      2. PM handover. Would like to hand over tasks by the end of June where possible - looking for volunteers! Tasks include 
        1. Chairing team meetings
          1. Rick kindly offers to minute the team meetings at every other team meeting
        2. Release management and announcements
        3. JIRA management (issues and sprints)
        4. Support issue screening
        5. Enforcer 1.x maintanance
          1. Sion agrees to keep an eye on the enforcer issues for production release.
        6. Regression test coverage
    2. Jenkins & Testing  
      1. Build timings (SoftHSMv2, key generation)
      2. Review of smoke/daily/weekly tests and coverage 
      3. Sparc box
        No updates
  5. SoftHSM  (No updates)
    1. Production release - 1.3.8rc1 
    2. Development release - 2.0.0a3
      1. Development - Open 2.0 issues
      2. Testing - SoftHSMv2/OpenDNSSEC testing
  6. AOB  
    1. None
  7. Next meeting
    1. Suggested date:  Tuesday 1 July 2014.  Agreed.