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  1. Agree on Agenda OK.
  2. OpenDNSSEC - Support and Maintenance

    Support issues No new issues need reviewing -
    New, Unassigned issues OPENDNSSEC-631 is unassigned, but this is a duplicate. Matthijs has commented to this effect and so if Rick (reporter) can review and agreed the issue can be closed. -
    1.4.6rc1NEWS filePlan is to release this week if possible. Matthijs has finished issues 627 and 628 which address some problems found recently with the signer adapter. There is also issue 629 which it would be nice to include in the release. Sara will take an action to talk to Gavin Brown who requested issue 629 to see how important this is for the release. If 629 can wait until a later release then we will go ahead with the release asap. Warren also requests feedback on 516 from Jakob and 465 from Sion.  
    1.3.18rc1NEWS fileAt the moment the only content in 1.3.18 is issues 624 and 620. The only other item implemented in 1.4 that could/should be ported back is 469. Sara will create a clone of 469 for 1.3 and if Warren work on this when he has time. After that we will consider a 1.3.18 release. 


  3. OpenDNSSEC - 2.0
    1. 2.0.0a4 release  - Agile board for 2.0   
      1. Rebase of 1.4 required before release
    2. Re-design of DB layer
      1. Yuri has been working on a new regression test that runs against the current trunk and tests lots of rollover steps. The aim is that this can then be ported to the database branch and be used to check that the rollovers work the same before and after the re-factor. This is a new test, specific to how 2.0 does rollovers since the 1.4 tests cannot be re-used. Sara asks if the new test is running in Jenkins, it seems not yet - Yuri will remedy this. Sara asks if he has looked at the existing 1.4 tests to see what kind of coverage there is there of the key rollovers so that he is aware of this when writing new tests for 2.0. Yuri will take a look. 
      2. Jerry reports that the conversion of the enforcer logic to use the new DB layer is not yet complete and is expected to take another week or two. After that there is a testing phase required before a release can be considered. 
    3. Testing - enabled regression tests for 2.0 vs 1.4

      Test setenforcersignergeneralTotal
    4. General updates 
      1. Postgres support.
  4. OpenDNSSEC - General
    1. Project 
      1. libhsm: Code audit to be performed by Rick. 
      2. PM handover. NLnet Labs will be taking over responsibility for project management during the coming month and more details will shortly be announced on the lists with regard to this. 
    2. Jenkins & Testing  
      1. Build timings (SoftHSMv2, key generation)
      2. Review of smoke/daily/weekly tests and coverage 
      3. Sparc box
        Sara asks Jerry if he is planning to do any work on Jenkins or testing during the next month and he replies no. The handover of these responsibilities is not clear but it is noted that this needs to be addressed. 
  5. SoftHSM  No update
    1. Production release - 1.3.8rc1 
    2. Development release - 2.0.0a3
      1. Development - Open 2.0 issues
      2. Testing - SoftHSMv2/OpenDNSSEC testing
  6. AOB  
    1. Sara asks who will be attending IETF in Toronto as this is a further opportunity for handover. She and Benno will be there but no others are confirmed. 
  7. Next meeting
    1. Suggested date: The next meeting date is not yet agreed, but should be announced shortly.