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Platform/OS list as of 2014:

  1. Ubuntu Server 10.04 amd64 (ubuntu10-ods01)
  2. Ubuntu Server 12.04 amd64 (ubuntu12-ods02)
  3. Ubuntu Server 14.04 amd64
  4. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 amd64 (redhat6-ods04)
  5. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 amd64
  6. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 amd64 (suse11-ods05)
  7. FreeBSD 9 amd64 (freebsd9-ods06)
  8. FreeBSD 10 amd64 (freebsd10-ods07)
  9. Oracle Solaris 11 x86 (solaris11-x86-ods09)
  10. Oracle Solaris 11 sparc64 (solaris11-sparc64)

All installation, upgrade and/or maintenance are done by dasbot.


  • Root access for maintainers should be granted with sudo
  • Firewall enabled, allow SSH, block everything else.
  • IP addresses: 
    • For the virtual machines (suffixed with odsXX): <node name> or if that does not work, add the number after ods to that last octet or (ods04 =>
    • For solaris11-sparc64:  IP is

    • ssh access with your public key and user 'readonly'.
      • To get access email your public key to Jerry
  • Note the Redhat machine has BIND
  • Validns is available on all platforms


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