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Date: Monday 12th Nov 2012
Time: 14:00-15:00 CET, 13:00-14:00 GMT
Who's there?: Sara, Sion, Jerry, Patrik, Jakob, Rick, Nick, Matthijs 


  1. Who will write minutes?
  2. Agree on the agenda
    Rick added an item on local time issues. Matthijs added an item on ldns compatibility.
  3. Project action points 

    SaraPlan resourcing on 2.0 and how we tackle the regression testing backlog.IN PROGRESS...
    Sara/JerryWork on initial draft for benchmarking setups based on feedback from developer workshop and board.OPEN...
    SaraTake a pass through JIRA to tidy up duplicates/unassigned issues. Send changes for review if required. Split the future release into a backlog and an icebox. Make sure all features have subtasks to track developer testing and documentation.OPEN...
    JerryLook at opening up the OpenDNSSEC project up to all users if we can restrict the privileges for 'external' users correctly. Then we could stop using the SUPPORT project. Need a test environment to work on this.OPEN...
    SaraFollow up with SURFNet on hosting of Sun servers. Roland is investigatingIN PROGRESS...

    Nothing changed here.

  4. OpenDNSSEC 

    • Unassigned issues
    • Support issues
      • All unresolved Support issues 
      • SUPPORT-41: Sion hasn't been able to reproduce. Don't know how to proceed. If it is precise timing, it is hard to hit it again.
      • SUPPORT-39: Matthijs has no significant progress on this.
      • SUPPORT-40: Fixed, not related to 1.3.X
      • SUPPORT-38: Waiting for user input

    • OpenDNSSEC 1.3.11 
      • Nominate any issues for 1.3.11?
        Matthijs talks about ldns compatibility, 1.6.14 and 1.6.15 have a bug related to NSEC3 and empty non-terminals. We probably should exclude them in the configuration and inform the users.
      • All issues for 1.3.11
      • Should we release?
        Action point Jerry: Exclude 1.6.{14,15} from allowed versions of ldns in configure script.
        Action point Jerry: Release 1.3.11
        Action point Matthijs: Merge ldns compat fix to trunk.
        Action point Matthijs: Send mail to ldns and OpenDNSSEC users about the particular problem

    • OpenDNSSEC 1.4.0 

      • Actions

        MatthijsWork on DNS Adapter tests. (OPENDNSSEC-172). Work on IXFR stress tests using Sion's scripts.
        Matthijs is working on a test, Jenkins daily test case style. First with few updates, hasn't got that working. Working on that tomorrow, hoping to finish it then. 
        No change in DNS Adapter requirement test coverage, still need to do IXFR out. Maybe can be finished this week, otherwise next week.

        Sara asks Nick for knowledge on validns to do testing with an external tool. Nick has some knowledge, because SIDN is using the tool.
        Action Point Sara and Nick and Matthijs: chat on Wednesday, 10:15 
        IN PROGRESS1.4.0rc1
        SionCheck sightings of duplicate RR sigs.
        Action Point Sion: going to test the fix from Matthijs. 
        IN PROGRESS 
        MatthijsOPENDNSSEC-346: BIND interop test.
        Matthijs is working on this, assigning action to Matthijs.
      • Updates?
      • All issues for 1.4.0 
        All minor, testing and documentation related. 292 needs more documentation, 236 can be closed.
      • Planned Release date:
        • 1.4.0rc1   12th Nov
        • 1.4.0        19th Nov
        • Matthijs hopes to finish his share of Adapter testing this week.
          Sara mentions that we are running the risk of having the major release in the Christmas holidays. 
          There is consensus that we can continue doing release candidates, but perhaps have to do the actual 1.4.0 release after the holidays.
          This might have to be communicated to the users.
          We have another review of this in two weeks.

    • Testing
      • Actions

        SaraWrite a page to capture the workflow of how to use Jenkins. How To Add Tests to Jenkins (check list for adding new tests) Testing - details build schedule (e.g. smoke/daily/weekly).
        Sara has been working on this and there will be something sent out to review soon to the developer list.
        IN PROGRESS...


    • General updates
      • Timing issues
        Rick has put this on the developer list. Thanks! We decide having everything in UTC internally (should already be so, but have another pass at it), and output in local time by default. Add an option --utc to ksmutil and the signer client to output times in UTC instead of localtime. Rick volunteers to write the corresponding manual pages/documentation.
      • LDNS compatibility. Already discussed in item OpenDNSSEC 1.3.11.
      • Actions

        SaraCorrect statement on the wiki page. Compose an email to propose this (and ask feedback) from developers and architecture board; possibly raise it on the user's list as well. Also consider the versioning convention currently used. Sara has done the wiki page, but still has to send an e-mail.IN PROGRESS...


  5. SoftHSM 
    No updates

  6. Next meeting 
    Tuesday 27th November, 14:00 CET
  7. AOB
    Jerry finished his action point: Exclude 1.6.{14,15} from allowed versions of ldns in configure script.
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