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This is a bot that we use to build pull requests. It works by scanning comments on pull requests and checking for commands and interacting with our Jenkins server in order to do builds and tests on our platforms.

Hint for starting: the buildbot lives on and has a startscript at /usr/local/etc/rc.d/buildbot. (service buildbot start)


The bot only trigger on commands in comments from certain GitHub account, if you are missing access please email Jerry.

Operational Hours

The bot is configured to only build between 06:00 UTC and 21:00 UTC, this is because we run other jobs between those times like the daily tests.


Commands are given as hash-tags in comments, multiple commands are not supported.


This will issue a build for this pull request and smoke tests will be run at the end if the build is successful. It will only build if the created date of the comment is younger then the last commit.

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