Date: Monday 12th Nov 2012
Time: 14:00-15:00 CET, 13:00-14:00 GMT
Who's there?: Sara, Sion, Jerry, Patrik, Jakob, Rick, Nick, Matthijs 


  1. Who will write minutes?
  2. Agree on the agenda
    Rick added an item on local time issues. Matthijs added an item on ldns compatibility.
  3. Project action points 

    SaraPlan resourcing on 2.0 and how we tackle the regression testing backlog.IN PROGRESS...
    Sara/JerryWork on initial draft for benchmarking setups based on feedback from developer workshop and board.OPEN...
    SaraTake a pass through JIRA to tidy up duplicates/unassigned issues. Send changes for review if required. Split the future release into a backlog and an icebox. Make sure all features have subtasks to track developer testing and documentation.OPEN...
    JerryLook at opening up the OpenDNSSEC project up to all users if we can restrict the privileges for 'external' users correctly. Then we could stop using the SUPPORT project. Need a test environment to work on this.OPEN...
    SaraFollow up with SURFNet on hosting of Sun servers. Roland is investigatingIN PROGRESS...

    Nothing changed here.

  4. OpenDNSSEC 

  5. SoftHSM 
    No updates

  6. Next meeting 
    Tuesday 27th November, 14:00 CET
  7. AOB
    Jerry finished his action point: Exclude 1.6.{14,15} from allowed versions of ldns in configure script.